Welcome to The R.A.Y.S. Foundation!

What is “The R.A.Y.S. Foundation”?

The Alberta Foundation for the Recovery of Youth in Sports, or simply “The R.A.Y.S. Foundation” for short, is a charitable organization benefiting youth who have been injured in sports. We exist to help offset costs of physiotherapy, rehabilitative equipment, and other medical costs related to sports injuries sustained by youth.

How can we help?

We know that sports play an important and crucial role in the lives of young players and that is why we are committed to helping young players return to their sport post-injury as soon as possible. Sometimes, certain physio equipment, therapy or other treatment is required to assist the player in returning to their sport. In some cases, Alberta Health Care and insurance does not entirely cover these costs.

Eligible players may apply for funding after injury-related costs have been incurred. Applications are reviewed by R.A.Y.S. Foundation team members to determine if players are eligible for reimbursement. At that time, the team members will also assess submitted receipts for reimbursement and make a decision on how much will be reimbursed. The amount varies depending on number of applicants, available funding, and discretion of the team members.

Where should I go if my child has been injured?

If you have a child who has been injured while playing sports and you anticipate there will be costs not completely covered by insurance, we encourage you to visit our Applicants Page for more information of how the process works. We also encourage you to get in contact with us right away to have a discussion about the whole process.

 Additional Information

If you have any questions for us we encourage you to send us an email or give us a call. Contact information is available on our Contact Us page.

Our charity profile is available on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website by clicking here. Our charitable registration number is 80077-0026RR0001.

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Eligibility The board has deemed the following requirements to be the basis of eligibility: Be an Alberta resident The player must be under twenty (20) years of age Be registered in an official sports league located in Calgary, Alberta Sustain an injury while playing in that sport The injury severity is at an extent to …

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Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers to help out with events, fundraisers, and the running of the organization. If you are interested in doing volunteer work for us, please fill out this application form. Afterwards, please send it to: The R.A.Y.S. Foundation P.O. Box 68212 28 Crowfoot Terrace N.W. Calgary AB T3G 3N8  

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