About Us

To encourage and promote the rehabilitation or recovery of youth who have been injured in their sport so that they may return to their sport.

We exist to help lighten the burden felt by families who are subject to the large cost of surgery, physiotherapy and medication that often follows an injury in sports. Not all medical aid is covered by insurance plans and that is where we come in.

A message from the board of directors:
Michael Mund
I am the president of the organization. I have played soccer ever since I was a kid. Throughout the many years I have played sports I have seen many kids get injured while on the field. I helped found this organization because I feel it is important that everyone be able to be physically active. No one should be hindered by their injuries.

Asim Chawdhry
I am the Vice President and Director of “The Alberta Foundation for the Recovery of Youth in Sports”. While growing up, I have participated in several sports, ranging from tennis, swimming, and soccer. As with any sport, whatever it may be, there is always a risk associated with it. It led to my motivation to help youth who may have experienced any sort of serious injury during game play to encourage the continuation of physical activity.

Meng-Ling Lee
I am the organization’s treasurer. Even though I am not involved in any club sports, I know playing sports can play a huge part in the development of a child. Injuries are common in any sport and youth should be compensated if they acquire a serious injury to encourage their future participation in sports.

President – Michael Mund

As one of the founders of the organization, Michael has been with us since the very beginning. Having seen first hand how sports injuries in kids can affect both the injured player and his/her teammates, Michael has a strong passion for our cause and a vital interest in the direction of this charity. He still …

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Treasurer – Meng-Ling Lee

Meng-Ling Lee is the foundation’s treasurer. She is currently studying at the University of Calgary pursing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. A focused student, she is hardworking and organized but also dedicates her time to activities outside of school. Having a strong passion for helping those in need is one of her top …

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Vice-President – Asim Chawdhry

Another one of the founders of the organization, Asim has also been with us since the very beginning. His desire to give back to individuals within our community has been a major reason for his work done with the organization. Being fortunate enough to not have suffered from a sporting injury directly, Asim is still …

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