Vice-President – Asim Chawdhry

Another one of the founders of the organization, Asim has also been with us since the very beginning. His desire to give back to individuals within our community has been a major reason for his work done with the organization. Being fortunate enough to not have suffered from a sporting injury directly, Asim is still very passionate about getting help out to those who deserve it. Asim also enjoys playing recreational soccer in addition to biking and skiing in his leisure time. Asim is currently pursuing a double degree in Biological Sciences and Commerce at the University of Calgary.

I am the Vice President and Director of “The Alberta Foundation for the Recovery of Youth in Sports”. While growing up, I have participated in several sports, ranging from tennis, swimming, and soccer. As with any sport, whatever it may be, there is always a risk associated with it. It led to my motivation to help youth who may have experienced any sort of serious injury during game play to encourage the continuation of physical activity.