The board has deemed the following requirements to be the basis of eligibility:

  • Be an Alberta resident
  • The player must be under twenty (20) years of age
  • Be registered in an official sports league located in Calgary, Alberta
  • Sustain an injury while playing in that sport
  • The injury severity is at an extent to which the player must refrain from participating in their sport for a period of time until they have healed (Subject to the selection team’s discretion)
  • There exists a need for equipment, or services which are not covered by the player’s insurance, or the player’s parent/guardians’ insurance. Or,
  • After all possible insurance claims have been applied, there exists an outstanding balance

The recipients of assistance must meet the criteria of eligibility. The selection team will review eligible applicants before making a final decision on each recipient.

Please fill out the following form with all necessary attachments and submit it to us via mail. Alternatively, you may email it to

Application for Assistance

  • The application may be submitted no later than one (1) year following the treatment date
  • The form is an initial information sheet for us to get the background information on the nature of your child’s injury. After submission of the application, members of the selection team will be in contact with you to discuss next steps and what additional information may be required.

Our address is:
The R.A.Y.S. Foundation
P.O. Box 68212
28 Crowfoot Terrace N.W.
Calgary AB T3G 3N8